Change Log

=Version 0.2.4=

-More text added and fixed some spelling errors

=Version 0.2.3=

-New path added in level 2!

=Version 0.2.2=

-Added new title song. Thanks to Sbeast.

-Minor dialogue added.

=Version 0.2.1=

-Added dialogue and protrait.

=Version 0.2.0=

-New level added!

=Version 0.1.7=

-Even more bug fixing

-Added more bits and pieces of dialogue.

=Version 0.1.6=

-Bugs being squashed.

-Behind the scenes code modifications.

-Added sewer path to open boss door.

-Ending altered to fit with new path.

=Version 0.1.5=

-Even more bug fixing.

-Added ninja path to open boss door.

-Ending altered to fit with new paths.

=Version 0.1.4=

-More bug fixing.

-Added a new path to open the boss door.

-More items to interact with!

=Version 0.1.3=

-MAJOR reduction of file size. Those with slow bandwidth rejoice!

=Version 0.1.2=

-Minor bug fixes and additional content.

=Version 0.1.1=

-Fixed various bugs within the game that prevents the player from progressing.

-Added the fourth question to Jackie.

-Fixed the bug which has you enter an unused hallway you can't access otherwise.


Sky Haven Alpha 0.2.4 21 MB
Jul 18, 2017

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