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Current version: 0.2.6

Welcome to Sky Haven: Short Stories!

This is the alpha/demo version of the game. It's made using RPG Maker VX Ace. All graphical tiles were made by me using Aseprite and Photoshop. Story and dialogue by my friend. At this stage of the game, all music and characters are using premade/random generated material. In future updates, these will change. Unless community feedback requires otherwise.

The game includes the following things:

  • A quick and skippable tutorial intro.
  • Two completed levels with multiple solutions.
  • Variety of characters.
  • A spider
  • And a brief ending for each chapter.

All art, music, content and more within the game are subject to change. No promises are made and no release date is announced. All news and information shall be found here unless specified otherwise.

Please enjoy the game and have fun. :D


There are likely game bugs that have yet to be fixed. Please let me know if you find any so they may be fixed in a later update. Thank you.


Chapter One: Set near a TV station. The first story has Kathy trying to take the soul of the CEO for her boss. Join her as she tries to make her way into the building and get it.

PS: Her IQ is 24.

Chapter Two: Set in a household. Follows the story of Phil as he tries to figure out a way to keep his son from going to the boat party.

Specs (Under construction)

Recommended OS: Windows 7 or higher


Game made using RPG Maker VX ACE

First level dialogue and story by Pyrohawk

Tilesets and art designs by Mimic Kairatta

Sbeast for the Title music


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Sky Haven Alpha 0.2.6 21 MB

Development log


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Pretty fun stuff.


Glad you like it. :)

Hey, nice to see the screenshots!!! :)

Thanks. Finally got around to adding them.

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=Version 0.2.4=

-More text added and fixed some spelling errors

=Version 0.2.3=

-New path added in level 2!

=Version 0.2.2=

-Added new title song. Thanks to Sbeast.

-Minor dialogue added.

=Version 0.2.1=

-Added dialogue and protrait.

=Version 0.2.0=

-New level added!

=Version 0.1.7=

-Even more bug fixing

-Added more bits and pieces of dialogue.

=Version 0.1.6=

-Bugs being squashed.

-Behind the scenes code modifications.

-Added sewer path to open boss door.

-Ending altered to fit with new path.

=Version 0.1.5=

-Even more bug fixing.

-Added ninja path to open boss door.

-Ending altered to fit with new paths.

=Version 0.1.4=

-More bug fixing.

-Added a new path to open the boss door.

-More items to interact with!

=Version 0.1.3=

-MAJOR reduction of file size. Those with slow bandwidth rejoice!

=Version 0.1.2=

-Minor bug fixes and additional content.

=Version 0.1.1=

-Fixed various bugs within the game that prevents the player from progressing.

-Added the fourth question to Jackie.

-Fixed the bug which has you enter an unused hallway you can't access otherwise.

Hi there. I really liked your game. It's quite short but the story line is good so far. I cant wait for the finished product

i made some gameplay for it on my channel. The mic audio is a bit weird and I don't know why... But if you want to check it out, here's the link.

Keep up the good work :)

Sky Haven: Short Stories DEMO

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Thank you for playing the game! I'm glad to know people are playing the game. I like to know what people thought of it and it helps to know how it's played for future improvements.